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Dimmers and LED lamps

Dimmers! These can be really challenging. 

A massive saving!

A rotary or dim press dimmer module were installed. These old halogen lamps get incredibly hot, and once on only after a few second they are far to hot to touch. The result is overtime, the holders, transformers can burn and cause major problems.

If one only wants to fix a few down lighters using the old halogen lamp, this can still be done as the old transformers are still available.

However, we recommend all these old halogen down lighters be replaced to LED lamps. The led lamps do not require a transformer.

Note: If you are purchasing the LED Dimmable lamps please check with this led lamp compatibility chart. We do not guarantee our dimmer unit and or labour if you so wish to purchase a lamp that is not listed. Click here to see if your lamps are or will be compatible.  

Please remember that you get non dimmable and dimmable lamps, in all shapes and size. Also different colour spectrum.

Typically the lower the Kelvin (K) the warmer the light, and the higher the K the cooler the light.

For example 3000K would signify a warm white, whilst a 4000K would be more cool white and 6000K a daylight effect.

Examples of dimmers that we install. Please note there are a lot of different cheap lights on the market, which do not dim correctly.




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Why does a dimmer buzz/hum
Only a leading edge dimmer causes a buzz in transformers and in itself. When a transformer is operated on a normal non-dimmed AC cycle, it is quiet because it turns on “softly” when the AC starts off from zero volts. On leading edge dimming the transformer experiences a sudden electrical and mechanical “shock” when it receives the sudden very high voltage and corresponding inrush current. A trailing edge dimmer and transformers being dimmed is quiet because the dimmer and transformer “thinks” it operates with a normal non-dimmed AC cycle – there is no sudden high voltage or inrush current that “shocks” the load

DC Dimmers
Use shielded cable for the bell-press wires as per the DC Dimmer data sheet if multiple DC dimmers are connected to one switch and are behaving inconsistently.

When a DC dimmer is wired directly to an electronic transformer, some transformers enter protection mode during the initial power up. Generally, the cable length is < 100mm.  You can extend the cable length between the power supply and DC dimmer by 100mm should this occur

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