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Electrical Inspection.

An electrical inspection is the first part to doing a Certificate of Compliance.

When preparing for the issuing of a certificate of compliance the following is done:

A full visual inspection of the electrical installation. This would include opening of the distribution board and any sub-distribution boards.

The conductors will be checked to see if they are the correct size, which determines the current https://sitebuilder.konsoleh.co.za/.cm4all/uproc.php/0/INVERTER/.certifcate_of_compliance_sans_10142.jpg/picture-400?_=18569e4563d carrying capacity, and the correct rating if circuit breakers.

The roof space will also be inspected for illegal connections and incorrect terminations.

Electrical Test Instruments will then be used to check, for example:
Operation of Earth Leakage 
Insulation test of conductors
Loop Impedance : Neutral and Earth

If the entire installation complies to SANS10142-1 then a certificate of compliance will be issued.

If faults / non compliant issues are detected then a list will be detailed and a corresponding quote will follow.

Estimate / Costs:

3 Bedroom House Inspection : R 850 excluding Vat. If compliant no extra charge for the Certificate of Compliance.

Larger homes, commercial and industrial will have to be quoted on to do the inspection.

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